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You can view my free piano lessons 1 and 8 by clicking on the corresponding links below. While these two free piano lessons cover only a few important topics of piano instruction, contained within the complete course, they will give you a clear idea and understanding of what you are going to learn throughout the 22 piano lessons. The lessons cover all basic music fundamentals, as well as all necessary and important topics of piano instruction: from music notation and sight-reading to piano chords, piano scales, rhythm, music theory, key signatures, and essential principles of piano technique. You will learn to read notes, music symbols, play piano chords and piano scales, proper finger techniques and exercises, and much more. The lessons are designed and based on my over 35 years of piano teaching experience, well-developed, proven, unique methods of learning the elements and techniques of music through the playing of musical pieces. My piano lessons will help you improve your musical hearing, musical memory, motor skills, and logical thinking. You will quickly realize that my free piano lessons, as well as the complete course, are unlike any piano lessons you have found on the Internet, or elsewhere. My lessons are suitable for all levels of experience and abilities, from complete beginners to advanced levels, and all age groups from children to adults. They will teach you any style of music you want to learn to play within weeks, not months or years, as with most other methods. My method of teaching the piano will save you a tremendous amount of time. You don't have to go through hundreds of pages reading tutorials and trying to find the main ideas. I have covered all important topics of piano instruction within the 78 pages of my piano course. And before you get started, let me remind you that the only secret to great piano playing is sound knowledge and lots of practice.

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Free piano lessons cover only a few important topics of piano instruction, all the lessons cover music fundamentals, piano chords and piano scales. View the complete piano course now.

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